Fighting for Police Reform and Social Justice

I have developed the beginning of a bill that would work to reform our police departments, create a new emergency service for Behavioral Health to help crises, and help those who are having behavioral health issues the help they need rather than killing them.

It is past time to reform our police departments; we must ensure that our police officers are appropriately trained and are free of bias and racism. We cannot continue to allow our children to be killed by the police; the police are not judges and presume innocence until proven guilty by the courts.

Fighting for Education

Education is essential to ending poverty in our country and creating an equitable society. Currently, our children's schools are not created equal. Our schools don't receive equal funding, and many schools struggle to ensure that children get quality education.

I will fight to ensure that our schools are funded and that we have equality and equity across each school; we will also end standardized testing. We must end standardized testing because it hurts our children more than it helps.

Fighting for Climate Change

The climate crisis is only growing, and we must work to reduce our impact so we can save our planet. I will work to ensure that we pass the Green New Deal, invest in green energy, work to create a zero-emission government, and invest in technology to help reverse climate change and create zero-emission vehicles.


I know that if we work together we can do this!