South Hill, WA – Nicolaus is running to build equity for all; this includes women's reproductive rights and their right to choose. The acts of both the Texas government and the Supreme Court have set women's rights back by nearly 50 years, and the failure to uphold the law from the Supreme Court is cowardly. For far too long, we have allowed the Supreme Court to hold power to overturn Roe v. Wade, and essentially, they have done just that.

Nicolaus stated, "For far too long we have not taken equity and equality seriously, we have allowed many serious issues to remain the decision of the highest court in the land. The state law that passed in Texas is an egregious act attacking women's rights, and we must take action to protect women's rights. For years, the establishment has promised to get things done; many of their actions are part of the cause of today's issues. I will work to ensure that women's reproductive rights are the law of the land, not at the whim of the supreme court."

Governor Abbot and the Texas Republicans are attempting to create a state resembling Gilead from the book the Handmaid's Tail. Ensuring that voting rights are removed and strengthened to support only the republican party and ensuring men govern women's reproductive rights.

The actions taken by the Republican Governor of Texas and all Republicans who are now radical are taking our country back to the 1950s where the Jim Crow laws still existed, the straight white man governed women's rights. Governor Abbot must be stopped, and we must pass Voting Rights, Women's Rights, and much more to create a more equitable country.

It's not enough anymore to have little wins; it is time for big and bold wins to create equity for all and a better country for all. There is no better time to make these changes, fight for equity, and work for the people.



Nicolaus Sleister


Candidate for U.S. Senate Washington State