Nicolaus is fighting for Social Justice, and he is focusing on these issues to start:


  • I will fight to rid laws or rewrite laws that are negatively impacting our communities of color.
  • Amend the constitution of The United States to end government-sanctioned slavery.
  • I will fight to improve our education system so that every child can receive a high-quality education.

Voting Rights

  • I will fight to ensure all Americans have access to mail-in voting
  • I will fight to improve our voter registration process
  • I will work to make election day a federal holiday and mandate that companies give their employees time off to vote
  • I will fight to ensure that early voting is a right
  • I will fight to ensure that ballot drop boxes are within reach to everyone

Gun Violence

  • I will support gun violence research
  • I will fight for enhanced background checks
  • I will fight to end loopholes and push for harsher punishment for illegal purchases of guns.
  • I will work to ensure there is a waiting period

Ending Poverty

  • I will work to ensure that people have access to the resources they need to help them survive.
  • I will work to increase the minimum wage to $20 an hour
  • Providing low-income families access to healthcare
  • Making the first $30,000 in income per person tax-free who makes under $50,000 a year


  • Ensuring those who are addicted to drugs have free access to rehabilitation centers
  • Provide resources for helping recovering addicts get jobs.
  • Create a second chance program for addicts and giving them a chance to get jobs.

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Ending mandatory sentencing
  • Create second chance programs
  • Making it illegal to jail a child or teenager for non-violent offenses
  • Ending cash bail and ending pre-conviction jail time for non-violent offenses
  • Ending jail for non-violent addiction-related offenses
  • Ending for-profit jails and prisons.

Indigenous rights

  • Improving housing
  • Improving equity in Education
  • Creating an exemption from eminent domain 
  • Access to quality healthcare

Do you have something that you would like to see us work on, email us at [email protected]