South Hill, WA – Nicolaus Sleister is a Democrat and is running for the U.S. Senate, all while the State Democratic Party places unachievable blockades for those challenging federal incumbents. As we enter the mid-term primary season, many candidates enter the field for the multiple elected offices here in Washington. Part of this process is the Democratic party providing access to their database to the Democratic candidates. That is, unless you are a federal candidate challenging an incumbent, at that point, the party puts up unachievable steps to block any federal candidate from obtaining access to their database.

For a federal democrat candidate challenging the incumbent to obtain access to their database, the candidate must receive 50%+1 of both the county parties and Legislative District democrat parties and then a state party background check that takes an undisclosed amount of time. Meanwhile, the incumbent only needs to request it and pass a party security check.

Nicolaus stated, "The state democratic party protects the establishment corporate democrats by trying to stop our progress. I won't let that happen; we won't let that happen; we must keep fighting, and even though this will be a tougher race than anticipated, we will overcome this."

Looking at the other campaigns that are not for federal positions, the democratic challengers need not endorsements, but only the county and legislative districts' chairs to sign off. This process is much less time-consuming and more achievable than the protection of barriers placed around the federal candidates.

If it were possible to obtain the endorsement of 50%+1 Counties and  Legislative Districts we still wouldn't be able to be complete until the middle or end of July and then needing to go through the process of the state security check making it impossible for a Democratic U.S. Senate challenger to have access long enough to make an impact in their campaign. This season the campaign for Nicolaus Sleister needs close to 2 million votes to overcome the incumbent. That means our campaign would need to reach at least three million people in less than two weeks and make enough of an impact to move their vote from the incumbent Patty Murray.

When Nicolaus analyzed the requirements, he said, "While the state party may require that we spend our time jumping through hoops, spending 100's of hours on endorsement surveys, and many days interviewing and being voted on by county and legislative democratic districts; We will challenge them, we will show them that we will overcome, we will shine, and we will rise. This inequity does not break us; it cannot break us. This blockade of processes will not stop us from fighting for justice, healthcare, equity, and the rights of so many people."

Nicolaus is challenging the Washington Secretary of State and Governor Inslee to open an investigation into the practices of the Washington State Democratic Party for unfair practices by a state party against federal candidates.

When Nicolaus challenged the state party on the equity of this process, they stated, "Thank you for sharing your concerns. Votebuilder is one of the party's most valuable assets, and the path to access for challengers to federal incumbents is clearly defined in the 2021-2022 Votebuilder Valuation Memo. Note this has been policy for multiple cycles and has been repeatedly approved by our elected state committee members."

This statement alone does not answer the initial question of whether the process is equitable but rather that since it is in a memo and their elected committee members voted on it, it's okay. Just because something is voted on and agreed to does not mean it is equitable or fair. This tactic is one Nicolaus, and the campaign would expect from the republicans, but for a party that has in their bylaws that they are for the equity, they sure know where they draw the line.

When a volunteer asked Nicolaus how he felt about the situation, he stated, "This is not about me, this is about the people of Washington, this is about exposing inequities in our systems, showing how far these go and where they are rooted. While I got into this race to fight for equity and justice for minority communities, for communities that are in poverty, and to build a better country with equity as the foundation, and to Be The Change that Washington needs, that our country needs and that the U.S. Senate needs; the inequities are continuing to expose themselves. Regardless of where they are in the laws, our justice system, our police, or even our party, I will call them out."

The process the State Democratic party has put in place has been built to ensure that the incumbent does not have an equal challenger but has the highest advantage possible even when it is their party. They have no problem ensuring the Corporate and Pharma backed democrat incumbent stays in office while they scream for taxing the rich and healthcare for all two things that won't happen while these corporations and pharma have their hands in the pot. This is a fight that has just started!



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