Some who have been in power for many years have said that change has been too slow. Since the beginning of time, when police departments were formed, they have taken advantage of their power and unjustly used it against the black and brown communities! The time for that to end is well overdue, and we must put an end to systemic racism!

The plan that I am putting forward will encompass Civil Rights, Police Reform, Criminal Justice Reform, and equity and equality for all! When elected, I will never end my fight for every person's rights in Washington State and around our country.

The first item we must tackle is the issue that keeps taking our citizens from us, the problem that continues to, and that is the unchecked power of the police departments and police officers. Our leaders have done little to check these powers for too long, and we need to do it now!  That is why I will put forward a bill to ensure that police are held accountable and adequately trained to deal with all citizens.

I will put together a team to create policies for accountability, training, and procedures ensuring that police departments know who their citizens are and that citizens are part of transforming their departments and investigating and reviewing incidents. A lot more needs to be done, and I will work with Washington's citizens to push for change in our police departments.

The second things we must tackle are the inequities and inequalities that face our state. Education, access to jobs, reliable transportation, child care, and even after-school activities must be at the forefront of our fight for civil rights. We must also push to root out systemic racism in our justice system. 

The third is Criminal Justice Reform. We must ensure that our criminal justice system is fair and impartial. They provide that everyone has the right to a fair trial and that we work to reduce the prison population. We must ensure those in jail or prison are given the ability to correct their actions, pursue an education, and learn new skills and trades so that they're given a fair chance and the ability to succeed and become a functioning member of society when they are released. We must also end the school to prison pipeline by ensuring there are resources available to keep kids out of trouble and programs to help put them on the right path so that if they make a mistake, they are not put into an unfair and unjust system. 

Do you have something that you would like to see us work on, email us at [email protected]

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