We need Police reform, and Nicolaus is ready to work towards getting this done. Nicolaus has done a lot of research to figure out what can be done to protect the public and ensure that people are treated respectfully.

Nicolaus believes our police officers need more training than a couple of weeks or months. 

Increased Training Time:
We must increase training time for Police Officers. Police Officers should have one year of Academy Training and one year of Field Training before graduating and being a full Police Officer.

Mandatory Academy Training:
Police Officer should be required to pass the following training before being allowed to progress through the academy.

  • Behavioral Health Interactions
  • De-Escalation tactics
  • Implicit Bias Training
  • Understanding the Community
  • Increased Scenario Training
  • Hands-on Training
  • Community Policing
  • Use of Force acceptability
  • Decision Making Skills

While these are not all of the training that police officers should take, these are critical areas. 

Field Training:
Police Recruits must go through Field Training, but we must ensure that we must have Field Training Officers who are there to ensure that proper training is conducted. Ensuring that we have Field Training Officers trained and certified in the National Training Standards and ensuring that we have clear guidelines and milestones for police recruits to exceed.

Physical Fitness Standards:
Police Officers and recruits must have and maintain high physical fitness standards. We must have fitness standards that ensure we have police officers who can fully execute their duties without relying solely on their toolbelt. 

Once the law is passed, Police Departments and Police Officers would have one year to become compliant. The following is a list of physical fitness standards.

Age Range



2 Mile Run

300 Meter Run


Min: 50

Min: 55

Min: 15 Minutes

Min: 55 Seconds


Min: 45

Min: 50

Min: 16 Minutes

Min: 57 Seconds


Min: 30

Min: 45

Min: 17 Minutes

Min: 60 Seconds


Min: 25

Min: 35

Min: 18 Minutes

Min: 62 Seconds


Min: 20

Min: 25

Min: 19 Minutes

Min: 65 Seconds

Retraining Active Police Officers:
We must retrain all active police officers, and we must work to make sure every Police Officer has the same training and ensure they are protecting all our communities with no prejudice.

Nicolaus believes that we need high hiring standards for police officers.

Enhanced Background Checks:
Police applicants should be required to undergo increased background checks from their criminal background and their background. Background Checks include Social Media history, increased interviews of family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. 

Polygraph Examinations:
While most police departments administer a single Polygraph examination, we must have more than one. We must have multiple tests. We must include random examinations while in the hiring process, while in the academy, and after becoming a full Police Officer. 

Standards and Ethics:
We must ensure that we reform Standards and Ethics for Police Officers. 

Police Officer Bill of Rights:
As of this writing, 16 states have a Police Officer Bill of Rights, protecting Police Officers from investigations and prosecution of their actions in the process of their duties. We must ensure these are removed; these bills protect police officers from any act that they commit. 

Ensuring Police Officers don't have access to evidence:
Many police departments allow Police Officers to review the evidence against them before even making a written statement. Police Officers should not be above the law when it comes to their actions; we must ensure that Police Officers are not allowed to review the evidence against them before writing a statement. 

Police Officers must be held accountable for their actions. That is why we must have independent review boards comprised of both citizens and Police Officers. We must ensure that these are comprised of a majority of citizens, both nominated and voted in. 

We must demilitarize our Police Departments. While we must keep specific programs, our entire police force should not look like an occupying military force. We must have police officers who are appropriately dressed and represent our communities, not a battlefield. 

Community Policing:
Nicolaus believes that Community Policing is essential to building working relations with the community. It has been proven that Community Policing reduces crime and increases community relations. 

Community Involvement:
It takes everyone to ensure communities remain safe; while police are there as the protectors, we must enact every person in the community to ensure safety. Police Officers must interact with citizens in the community and build relationships with them. 

Living in the community:
Police Officers can better connect with the community they work in if they live in the same community. That is why we must give incentives to Police Officers to live in the communities they work. 

Re-Allocation of Funds:
We can't keep pushing funds to Police; we must move funds to community resources such as recreation centers, schools, and community services.