Nicolaus responds to Pierce County Use of Force

South Hill, WA – Following the report's release showing the inequities in the use of force by the Pierce County Sheriff, Candidate Sleister is calling for a full review of all use-of-force incidents and an independent investigation into each report.

Candidate Sleister stated, "The report shows a single department in our state, a department that has systemic issues and must be reformed, not only does the Pierce County Sheriff need to be reformed but the likelihood of this taking place in every department across the country is high, and we must create a national standard for police. As a resident of Pierce County and the husband of a black man and the father of a mixed child, this scares me as I know it scares so many other residents."

The need for a national training standard and the need to reform our criminal justice system is now. We must ensure that we treat our BIPOC communities with equity. When a report shows that Black and Native children under 18 are nearly 13 times more likely to have use-of-force used on them and Black and Native Adults are six times more likely, we must address this issue; we cannot continue to ignore it, our leaders cannot continue to ignore it. We must reform every department in the country, not just the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.  

Candidate Sleister also stated, "The fact that BIPOC children are nearly 13 times more likely to have force used on them by the police is unjust, disgusting, and the Pierce County Sheriff's Department should be ashamed! The fact that our BIPOC adults are six times more likely to have force used on them is upsetting".

Nicolaus Sleister


Candidate for U.S. Senate Washington State