South Hill, WA – With the growing number of migrants at the border in Del Rio, TX, we as a country have a responsibility to help. With over 70% of the immigrants from Haiti, a developing country, struck by multiple natural disasters in the last year and whose president was assassinated, our nation must help those in danger, not send them back to it.

Nicolaus said, “I disagree with the tactics of sending human beings back to an impoverished country. We are the greatest country in the world, the wealthiest country in the world; we have a duty, a responsibility to act with compassion. We must fix our systems of oppression and our mentality of law enforcement before care. We are obligated to help these individuals, not to send them back to danger or poverty.”

When our first reaction as a country is to send law enforcement and military to a humanitarian crisis, we as a country need to look at the way our systems work and how we can do better. Migrants who have made their way across the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico to seek refuge in a country deserve to have their cases heard in an expedited manner. It is time we stop looking at and treating people, children, and communities of color as less than equal and begin looking at them and treating them as equals.



Nicolaus Sleister


Candidate for U.S. Senate Washington State