After signing up on the phone bank page follow these steps to contact voters to inform them about Nicolaus. 

Prepare for making calls! 

Equipment needed:

  • Computer with Internet access and Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge installed
  • Micorophone and Headset that has clear voice and audio

Logging in:

Input your Username and Password


Once on your Dashboard

Find the campaign that you are part of and select Brief at the bottom of the box. 

Once you have read the brief Select Join Campaign in the top left


Once you have joined the campaign and you are ready to start making calls (Make sure your headphones are on)

Select Next Call

If you are new to making calls for the campaign please follow the script provided.


Answer as many of the questions asked on the page as you can and add notes if needed. 

(You can see the information about the person you are calling on the right side of the page and your script and questions in the middle). 


Once you have reached the end of the call thank the voter, tell them good bye, and click the hangup button. 


You have just completed a call. (Complete as many of these as you feel comfortable or have time for and make and impact on the campaign.)