Candidate Sleister is the only U.S. Senate candidate to sign the Green New Deal Pledge

South Hill, WA – On Wednesday, March 30th, 2022, Nicolaus signed a pledge with the Green New Deal Champions to fight for action on the Green New Deal and combat climate change.

As the only U.S. Senate Candidate pushing for the Green New Deal, Nicolaus said, “Washington is a leader in climate action and we need to take this action to D.C. and take action on Climate Change. There is no time to waste, if we continue with the current policy makers we will continue to fall behind and damage the world. We have an obligation to fight Climate Change to protect our children and grandchildren. Some elected officials don’t seem to get that.”

Previous generations have damaged our planet so much, and they continue to do so with their corporate first policies. Without people, there are no jobs, and we continue to allow these corporations to push their damaging agenda and pay off our elected officials to do so.

Nicolaus and the campaign are calling on all Washingtonians to take action and pledge to vote for the candidate fighting for the Green New Deal and to combat climate action. Go to to sign the pledge.



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