Climate Change


We must do more and act quickly on the Climate Crisis. We cannot act alone, we can not leave this up to the states, and we can't be the only country that moves towards a greener future! There are some first steps that we must take. The first of those is to rejoin the Paris Climate accord, and we must pass the Green New Deal. These alone are not enough!

I am proposing that we go beyond just pushing for companies and the government to go green. We must all go green, and we must ensure that citizens can do it affordably. 

Let's start with the basics, the small changes that can make a big impact. The first of these is pushing for one of the largest emissions contributors to move towards electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. That would be the transportation industry. There are more than 2 million trucks on the road, and that is many carbon emissions going into our air each day. Pushing this industry to these alternatives will move an essential step in our world. With these industries going towards electric and hydrogen-powered current oil companies and automakers will be forced to transition fuel stations adding hydrogen and electric charging stations.

Let's talk jobs! With automakers and oil companies moving towards greener alternatives, there would be a need for jobs and lots of them. There would be jobs added to the automaking industry. The retrofitting and change over to adding hydrogen and electric charging stations would add many more jobs. With the low cost of hydrogen and electricity, transportation companies would add more drivers, ensuring that our distribution chain would be reinforced. 

What about our electrical grid? Well, I have a plan for that as well. The first step is to ensure that we plan to re-train those in the industries of coal, fossil fuels, and oil. We must ensure that these citizens are not left to pay for their training when they are being pushed towards green technology. 

Most vehicles in the United States are powered by fossil fuels, making them bad for the environment. I plan to work to move vehicles into green technology. Remember the automakers from above, well with their pursuit in greener semis and vehicles. They would also be investing in their civilian vehicles as well. Ensuring that those who move to a greener vehicle will receive tax incentives. 

Let's look at the sky, shall we? Buildings made of concrete and steel don't contribute to our environment, but what if they did? We could ensure that new buildings have parks, solar power, recycled water, and much more. This would allow us to reduce the amount of impact we have on the environment around us. 

Think of all of the possibilities we could have with the use of green technology! We can invest in our technology companies who are working to build a green future, and we can and will make clean and safe earth for many generations to come. 

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