South Hill, WA – Candidate Sleister is appalled at the acts shown by the judge of the Rittenhouse trial. This trial shows the level at which we must transform our criminal justice system and the need to do a top-down overhaul. Our police, criminal justice, and correctional systems work and reinforce the operation to ensure that minorities have a disadvantage while our justice system treats white men better even when on trial for murder.

We must build a new justice system that is fair, impartial, and just, a system that is equal to each person regardless of their race, gender, orientation, sex, religion, age, or other factors that may cause prejudice in our systems of justice.

“The trial of Rittenhouse proves that our system is not equal or impartial. The judge has clear bias’ against those whom Rittenhouse shot.  Rittenhouse killed multiple people in cold blood. Regardless of self-defense, Rittenhouse was committing a crime when he was so-called defending himself. This was not self-defense; This was premeditated murder. Rittenhouse illegally possessed a weapon in which he trafficked across state lines to a location where protests were happening. He knowingly and intentionally carried a firearm illegally. If Rittenhouse is not found guilty, the country will see how broken our justice system is. ” Nicolaus said.

Our system needs to change, and if we have to do it brick by brick, we will. The Criminal Justice system is biased, and lady justice is not blind but prejudiced against minorities.



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