About Nicolaus

Nicolaus is a husband to a wonderful man and a father to an amazing little boy. Nicolaus is a Military Spouse and has been with his husband since 2009. Nicolaus obtained his GED while living in Kansas City, where he was born and raised, and has received his Certificate in Homeland Security and Emergency Management from Pierce College.

Nicolaus got into this race because he is tired of the reactionary politics and lack of action. He believes we need bold ideas to fix our country and push for a better life for every American. Nicolaus knew he had to do something, he knew action must be taken, and that is when he decided to run for the U.S. Senate.

Nicolaus is focusing on three issues to work for a more equitable world. His primary focus is on proactive police reform; to ensure that we root out problem officers before incidents occur. The second is Education Equity, to ensure that all children get an equitable education and succeed without struggle. Third, Nicolaus wants to combat Climate Change, ensuring that our government leads the way rather than expecting only the citizens to

 adhere to going net-zero.

Nicolaus believes that it is time for a fresh U.S. Senator with new ideas to push for a better country and state. In addition, Nicolaus believes that we must be proactive in our government, not reactive. 

If you believe it is time for a change, a time for a refresh, and are ready to work to make, a bold change, join us!


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