About Nicolaus

I am running to end corporate politics, to build equity in our minority communities, ensure a living wage, access to healthcare, reform our police and criminal justice system, 

build our Black Indigenous and communities of color up, protect native lands and our native people, Securing LGBTQIA+ rights, and protect voting rights.

Together we can BE THE CHANGE and we can accomplish all of this and so much more. We can prove that we are still the most progressive state by electing the first openly gay man and youngest person ever to the U.S Senate. We will be the state that makes history and the state that says we have had enough with corporate money, special interests, and PACs in our politics. I’m running for Washingtonians like you, not the corporations or special interest groups, I’m here to listen to you and be your voice.

It is time that we end corporate politics, take action on these very important issues, and work to heal our country. While we are more divided today than at any time in history I am optimistic that we can improve people's lives and heal our country and ensure justice and equity for all. I know I am not alone when I speak these words, so take the step to support someone new and BE THE CHANGE. I hope that each of you will join me on this journey to make history and to BE THE CHANGE that we need.


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